Get things done quickly and professionally

As a business owner, you know that building, maintaining, updating, securing, and optimizing your website is a major drain on your time and energy. Let us save you endless hours of work every week. Hours you can spend working on your business or on whatever blows your hair back.

Task Image   I want small WordPress jobs done

We take the headache out of WordPress

You will love this service. Everyone has small WordPress jobs that need doing. For a ridiculously low monthly charge, we will do an unlimited number of daily WordPress small jobs for you. By small jobs we mean anything we can do in 30 minutes or less. And, if you want bigger jobs done, you will receive steep discounts on custom hourly work.


SEO Image I want to boost SEO

Takes commitment, but your visitors will find you.

Nobody snaps their fingers and the search engines point to them. But with patience and the right tactics, you’ll have search engine returns shouting your name. If terms like LSI, ranking factors and negative SEO make you yawn or cringe (but you know they’re important), you are in the right place. Sign up, and win the search engine game.


Gear ImageI want Pros to maintain my site

Don't you have more important
things to do?

Server crashes, updates gone wrong, endless backups, hacks. These simply can’t be what gets you up every morning. Fortunately, for us it is. And coffee. Allow us to take a load off your shoulders. Your WordPress site needs daily care. Sign up, then relax.


Security Image I want more security

Keep hackers red-eyed and frustrated.

Danger, danger. Really. Hackers can profit from even the smallest and lowest traffic WordPress sites. Malware, SQL injections, cross-site scripting, brute force attacks. You shouldn't have to concern yourself with these. Sign up, and protect your investment.


Tasks Image I want premium hosting

Fast. Secure. Hands-free.
Leave it to us.

Go premium. You are wise to avoid discount hosting. Discount hosting saves you a dollar but leads to: slow load times, bandwidth issues, and lots of downtime (and that is not good for business). If you want fast, high up-times, scalable, and will love WP Hosting. How about this: Let us handle your hosting, and you free up time and concentrate on building and running your business (or spend some extra time with the fam).


Doesn't everyone love reports as much as we do?

We think you will love reports (once you see these ones). These reports are easy on the eyes. Stay on top of everything with your WordPress site executive summary of security, search optimization, and maintenance. Gain insights that will help you achieve your goals.