About WPDoneForYou and the co-founders

WPDoneForYou was born out of necessity. Originally WPDoneForYou was just a systemized way to manage our roster of client sites and our portfolio sites without spending 72 hours a day (yes, a single day can feel that long) doing routine maintenance and small tweaks and changes.

WPDoneForYou was co-founded by Bjorn Allpas and Kim Hoyer to fill a need in the WordPress marketplace. We aim to provide the best and most comfortable WordPress concierge service available in the industry.

We know from personal experience how liberating it is when you get back all the time you used to spend doing routine maintenance or minor projects on your websites. It can be life-changing and business-changing! It was for us.

Bjorn has been working with WordPress since 2008 both on his own projects and for a full roster of clients.

Kim has been building businesses and doing company turn-arounds for the past two decades.