You need a website

Option 1

You can build your website on your own using one of the hundreds of inexpensive click-and-drag do-it-yourself building sites. *Note: We will give you some pro and cons on this option below.

Option 2

For about the same money, someone like us can build you a powerful WordPress site that will be able to grow with you and help your sell more for years (i.e. you can have all the website 'bells and whistles' and none of the restrictions).

Responsive Webdesign

The pros and cons

If you go with the do-it-yourself website builder option (i.e. Wix, Weebly, GoDaddy, Square Space, BlueHost, HostGator, Duda etc.) the pros are clear: you get your site up in 5 minutes, you can upload your own images and text, and you will pay between $0-$100 per month (depending on how many of their add ons you purchase) including hosting.

The downsides of going this route are equally clear: you get very little flexibility, you will have very limited (if any) access to the tools, services, and plugins you will need to build your web traffic and sales, and the big one: you are on your own. Another downside is that you will typically have a very slow and unattractive site that screams to the world: "I did this myself, this is not the site you are looking for, go find a better looking and faster loading site and buy from them." We have all been to sites like these.

So... the end of the day, you’ve got your website up and running in 5 minutes, but the problem is that you can’t go any further with your site. You will get hit with all sorts of unexpected costs as they will try and sell you all sorts of C grade enhancements to your D grade website. Ouch. Your site ends up being useless in its ability to generate leads and paying customers (which is the point right?).

How about this instead

We come alongside you and help you succeed long term. How? When you purchase either of our 2 website packages you get our popular WPTasks™ service FREE for 5 months which means we do the techie stuff for you and become your tech team (that you can cancel anytime). This is a big win for you because we not only get you started, but work with you to get you where you want to go with your site every month after that.

Your website will grow with you

With WPTasks™ we do your small techie website jobs for you! This way, you can change and add any 'bell and whistle' to your site that you come across and finally have the website you have always wanted.

The object of the exercise

Now you can focus on running your business (and enjoying your life) and we will make sure your website continues doing its job.

The 2 packages we offer

Business Start-up Package - $497

A basic, complete, branded, and affordable website done for you.

Jump in and get started fast. You get a complete WordPress website with all of the most popular pages (i.e. products, services, about us, a blog, contact us, etc) and a choice of three professionally designed flexible templates that will be expertly molded to your brand. These templates still allow any future changes you want. Remember, we make all of these changes for you with your WPTasks™ subscription which comes FREE for 5 months (essentially making your website itself free).

The Ultimate Website Package - $7,997

A custom tailored and professionally designed website complete with a year's worth of: premium hosting, SEO work, security and unlimited updates and changes.

a. Custom design that sells

You’ll get a custom site and design that captures your brand and sells it. The Ultimate Website Package comes with a year’s worth of WPTasks™ so you will have access to unlimited revisions to your site theme allowing the site to quickly adapt to shifts in your marketing strategy.

b. High performance without effort

Fast scalable hosting, backups, SEO, bullet proof security and firewalls, with this package you can relax and know that your site is doing its job of attracting customers and making sales. We take care of everything from updates, scaring away hackers, optimizing content, to making changes you request and keeping your page loads fast for your customers.

c. All of our core premium services are included

You will not only end up with an incredible site, you will also have us as your tech team and and will be provided with the with the necessary tools and guidance to continuously market to your website visitors. The Ultimate Package packs in: lightning fast premium hosting, on page SEO, advanced site maintenance, high grade security and firewall, and unlimited updates and changes within your website theme though the WPTasks™ service.

Our easy 1-2-3 start-up process

1. Sign up. Get started by by selecting your website package by clicking the ‘get started” button. Fill out a short survey that gives us some necessary background about you, your company, and what kind of site you want.

2. Dream. Plan. Go Live. You will be in the driver's seat but rest assured, the team at WP with move everything forward. At every step in the process you will have your say and will review and make changes before your site goes out to the world.

3. Continuous improvement. After your site goes live, we will continue to work with you to improve it because good businesses (and their websites) are never done. 🙂

Questions people frequently ask us

If you have a minute to spare, you will have all your basic questions answered.

How long does it take?

Most sites are up and running in 2-4 weeks. Some take a little longer, depending on how many revisions are requested and the complexity of your site. Our recommendation is to go live as soon as you can and make changes later. Your WPTasks™ subscription allows you to make a lot of changes, so time is on your side for a change.

Will my site traffic improve?

That all depends on the marketing campaigns you are running, of course. We can tell you, our customers most often see a strong increase in organic and overall traffic with us. This is no accident given all that is going on in the background when your site is hosted with us and you are using our SEO and page optimization services. We have other premium add on services including link building and our "blogger" package that are designed to bring even more traffic to you.

Will my site work well on mobile?

Yes, all of our sites use responsive design, which means every page will scale down and up depending on what device your customers are viewing your site on to place their orders. Your customers will see you in all your glory whether they are using a phone, a laptop, a tablet, or their desktop.

Will my site be able to integrate with other 3rd party services?

You are covered. Absolutely, your WPDoneForYou site will integrate with most all of the popular platforms such as: Infusionsoft, Hubspot, Ontraport, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Google Analytics, GravityForms,, WooCommerce, Zapier and many more.

Can you host my website?

For sure. Our hosting platform is second to none in the WordPress managed hosting space. In fact we can do do all the heavy lifting for you and make it happen without you having to do a thing except fill out some short forms us.

Am I locked in?

Nope. You can cancel at anytime. If you have been with us for 12 consecutive months or more, you can take all site content, designs, themes, and layouts with you.

WordPress Website Builder Pricing & Signup

Professional and friendly WordPress site building. No risk or stress. We'll take care of it! Pick a package.

Business Start-up Package

  • $497USD
    One-time payment
  •   Fully functioning WordPress website
  •   Optimize for desktop and mobile
    Your website will function like a dream on regular computers and on mobile devices through the use of responsive design.
  •   Top-notch themes
    Choose one of 5 top notch themes for your website. We will customize the colors, logos and images to match your brand.
  •   5 must have pages
    You can add more for free with your WPTasks subscription.
  •   5 must-have plugins
    We will install and configure plugins for SEO, website traffic analytics, improve page load speed, spam blocking, and social sharing.
  •   Facilitate domain and e-mail setup
    Yes! You'll finally have a professional-looking email address:!
  •   Discount on other WPDoneForYou Services
    We want you to have the best experience possible with your website. That's why we're making it very easy for you to have everything managed using our services at a discount!

The Ultimate Website Package

  • $7997USD
    One-time payment
  •   Custom website design
    Complete designed from the ground up according to your specifications.
  •   Free WPDoneForYou Services
    For one you year you will get WPDoneForYou services for free: hosting, the advanced maintenance package, WPTasks™, WP hardening, WP SEO Foundations™.
  •   5 must have pages
    You can add more for free with your WPTasks subscription.
  •   5 must-have plugins
    We will install and configure plugins for SEO, website traffic analytics, improve page load speed, spam blocking, and social sharing.
  •   WPLearningLab WP101
    Enjoy free access to the WP101 course created by Bjorn @ WPLearningLab
  •   Social Sharing Optimized
    Your pages will be optimized for sharing on social media platforms.
  •   Custom-made Facebook business page
    We'll create your business Facebook page so you can start growing a following right away!

30 Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

When it comes to service and support we don't mess around. We're confident that our personalized service will exceed your expectations. You don’t need to just take our word for it, let us prove it. If you're not 100% happy we give you a full refund. Easy.

We can’t wait to take your WordPress pain away. Let's get started.